​Cinchemup - Latigo Replacement System- Fastest Cinch in The West ! 

EASY AS 1-2-3 !

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Cinchemup - Latigo Replacement System- Fastest Cinch in The West ! Quick Cinch  -Fast Cinch- Easy Cinch

The Cinchemup is made in the USA  using quality materials that are  tested for strength, durability (UV resistant)  and safety.  

How do you  saddle up a horse fast? With the Cinchemup of course. Trail riding, endurance riding, jumping, sport horse events, quick and easy and safe for any equine discipline.

This truly is a quick cinch as well as a rapid detach device!

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 Whether you just want to saddleup up quick and ride without having to get up and down to re-tighten or your have other special issues that make saddling up difficult or painful, the Cinchemup is the answer!

Fast attach, rapid detach your saddle in record time.  Many people share with us how the Cinchemup has made riding easy and helped them with their physical barriers of getting the saddle on and keeping it tight while riding.   Read our testimonies. ​Watch this demonstration video and you will throw your latigo away!

 If your saddle becomes loose, simple reach down with one hand and tighten as needed.