Cinchemup - Latigo Replacement System- Fastest Cinch in The West ! Quick Cinch

CinchEmUp is the fast and easy way to saddle your horse. It's strong, UV resistant and made with quality materials with the comfort of horse and rider in mind! Quick, safe and durable.

** NOTE: Not designed for use with a treeless or flex tree saddle.

Simply loosen the CinchEmUp by pulling down on the 1 inch webbing quick release loop and pull up on the lower buckle tab. 

​Step 1

Check and adjust length of strap so that top of neoprene pad is approximately at the top of cinch buckle as shown . (Steps 1 and 2 only need to be done once unless you change horse or saddle.)

Step 2

Buckle the Cinchemup to the Cinch buckle. ( Make sure that the 1" quick release loop is free)

Step 3

Pull up on the 2" strap and you are ready to ride!

Click here to watch You Tube  Video 

Easy as 1 - 2- 3.....


 After removing your latigo, simply attach the 2 inch strap of the Cinchemup to "D" ring.