April 2019- I purchased the Cinchemup rig for my wife back around 2006 because she had to re-cinch her horse a few times when we’d be out on the trail. Because he is 16 hands and she is not, we’d have to make sure that there was a stump or a small boulder nearby to re-mount. The Cinchemup solved the problem. She was able to tighten the cinch effortlessly from the saddle. That made her very happy and you know what they say about a happy wife. She still uses the Cinchemup and still loves it and me. Happy Life.  Joe Sciarrotta (May 2016)

I have used the cinch for over 10 years and have been very pleased with it.  I had 6 at one time and I am down to one.  I use to do guided trail rides in Pennsylvania about 12 yrs ago so once I order the cinches it made saddling a lot easier. 

The way I got down to one is I would give them to friends to use and just told them to return them if they stopped using them.  No one has stopped so now I need a couple more just ordered 2 today. 

I am a member of a local club here called Kelmac just joined this year have ridden with several members over the years just never joined always told them I was free lancer. 

I am now riding gated Mules after riding horses for years.  My dad rides with me and he is 81 yrs young and he is the one I let use the one Cinch-em-up I have right now.  I ride 15 to 20 miles each Saturday and can double that if I am able to get a Sunday in.  Just spent two of the Memorial weekend days riding 35 miles over the 2-days tracked by my Iphone 6. 



August 2015- 

I received my Cinchemup today, attached it before supper and tried it out for a ride after supper.  Wonderful!  
Easy and quick to attach, tighten and loosen.  Much better product than the (other product) that I had been using. 

Your product uses thicker webbing (where the other product required multiple loops for strength) and your buckles are metal where the others were plastic.  

Although(other producet) advertised that you could tighten with one hand in the saddle - that was easier said than done since you had to both keep the strap tight and flip the plastic lever to lock it in place.  

The Cinchemup is truly a one hand operation.  My son is going to be home from his summer internship next week and I really want him to try it because one-handed is how he does everything.  

He had a brachial plexus injury at birth which ripped the nerves to his right arm out of his spine, so he has learned to rebuild things (like 4-wheelers and motorcycles) to work for him.  I am wondering what he will think of this.  

I will probably go back to the website and order a second one for one of our other saddles.  

 Thank you so much,

 B. Shaw -Oneida, ILL


I have bought several Cinchemups.  I love them. They are so much easier on my weak hands plus I can retighten once I am in the saddle. A bonus when your horse blows !! I highly recommend these cinch devices, especially for the women who don’t have the strength in their hands as a man does.


V Powers



I really like the Cinch'em Up buckle system. Easy to install, easier to use. I'm 62 and have arthritis. The Cinchemup allows me to saddle my horse with minimal effort, and I like not having that big western knot under my leg. 



I first saw your ad about 4 or 5 years ago maybe more. I was skeptical at first I have to admit. Because you know everything that you read is not always fact.  I ride some very serious trails. And if you've had any experience in the Deep woods riding you know that your girth loosens up.  To me, I always thought it was extremely awkward to try to reach down and just tighten up latigo while making sure my horse wasn't eating trees, trying to get me off to the side of him or looking back at me trying to figure out what I was doing. Not fun on a trail! With Cinch en up,  all you do is lean over,  with one hand pull the strap your tightened up and ready to go!  I could never imagine using a Latigo on the trail ever again. I have recommended cinch em up to a few of my riding buddies, . and they would never switchback to the traditional latigo either “At last I found a quality product that lets me tighten the saddle without dismounting. I love your product! I am ordering three more Cinch-Em-Ups today. I plan on using 2 of them on my other saddles and giving the third as a gift.” Rita C. - MI


“After using this cinch for two years, I am absolutely pleased with it. I am enclosing an order for 4 more today. My son is participating in some shows and cutting horse competition and I want him to have his own. Please rush my order.” Jake S. - NJ
“I wanted to personally thank you for creating your wonderful product! I am a short, petite lady of just 5 feet tall and 110 lbs. I have a very large horse. It has always been so hard for me to tighten the saddle when I was out on a ride. I would always have to look for a rock or log so that I could mount him again. Now, with my Cinch-Em-Up, I don’t have to get off of “Silver Girl” to tighten the cinch. Your product has brought so much more enjoyment to my riding. Thank you!” Cristy R.- TX
“I have tried other products similar to the Cinch-Em-Up. Those products worked fairly well, however my horse “Ginger” got chaffed from the pad. When I saw your website and saw how your product was made with the neoprene pad and automobile seatbelt webbing I thought I would order one to see how it worked. I want to let you know that I am delighted with your product and so is Ginger. I like what you say- it is the “horse friendly” cinch. I am now ordering one for my friend. Thanks!” Stephanie J.- AZ
“Thank you for your product. I am 72 yrs old and still riding. My arthritis in my wrist was making me think I couldn’t continue because I had trouble tightening the cinch. With your product I can now tighten the saddle from the top. I now can continue riding my horse a bit longer.” Margaret B.- CA

“I had ordered the Cinch-Em-Up from a catalog a couple of years ago. I love this cinch and was so excited when I found your website. Enclosed is my order for two more.” Judy B. OK

Got the Cinch today and hooked it up to my saddle. It looks cool and I can't wait to try it out, but we are working on remodeling the kitchen of our house this weekend, so I will try it out this week. Try again :)
Elizabeth-Independence, OR 6/06


I have been riding a lot lately. I love the cinch it works great for me and my mare as you can not just cinch her up tight and ride off, she is cold
backed. So I just cinch a little and ride for a while and give it a pull  and not even have to get off my Horse at all...

Wendy- Madras, OR- 7-06


Hi, I received the cinch: Great cinch and easy use. I ordered another one this morning ………. Yep bad knees and ankles; I have 50% military disability because of them so I will let you know how that goes as well. Thanks again.

 Roland- Cedar  Park, TX 8-06


Yesterday I was on a trail ride. I enjoy the cinchemup very much- since I use it my horse hasn´t any irritations from the girth any more!!! I am so happy with it- and my mare, too, I think!  Tiger always had an area behind the ellbow, where her coat was broken off and sometimes in summer it became an excoriation. And since I use the cinchemup, her coat has regrown. I´m very happy about that! Many Greetings from Germany, Steff  9/06 



Hi there, well as it turns out, I purchase that with my Dad in mind whom is very picky about his tack and what he relies on. Well I did not get a chance to try but I took it to Thanksgiving and was showing my Dad. He has challenges getting cinched good. He has a draft horse that can really hold her chest out so the cinch is always to loose. I figured that if he could tighten from the saddle then life in the saddle will be much easier. He 78 years old and only has one leg so mounting and un-mounting is not the easiest thing. Well anyway, I showed him that and I he told me that could leave it right where is was for I was demonstrating it on his saddle. He was pretty impressed with the concept and quality. I intended to bring it back and use it and if it worked nice, get him one. Well I guess He gets the first shot.

Thank you, (Elizebeth, Missouri- November 2006)

“After messing with the latigos and the cinch we decided to ditch the latigo and go with a Cinch-Em Up which I bought to go with my bare pack pad but hadn't actually tried yet.

When I had done the latigo up tight enough to make the saddle snug I thought it seemed to be cutting into Polly. Even though it needed to be tight to hold the saddle snug it seemed to be too tight. It was a webbing latigo, not leather so that may have been the problem

The Cinch-Em Up was much easier to use and didn't appear to be cutting into Polly. This little gadget makes it easy to adjust the cinch whilst on board as well. “





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Cinchemup is the fastest way to cinch your horse. Quick cinch, rapid detach. For trail riding , endurance jumping, sporthorse events any and all equestrian activities. Quick attach, rapid detach for all your equine needs.